Special Training Items

V.B. Srl is the leading Italian manufacturer of educational equipment since 1967; V.B. Srl was the first company who started producing cutaway items for driving schools and soon after expanded the production up to the current range of products which covers the various educational fields such as automotive, agricultural, aviation and marine engineering. Our products are carefully sectioned and come from real industrial components which are polished and painted in order to give maximum educational value without compromising the real functioning, and most important, VB products are self-explanatory – even the most complex ones. V.B. Srl is the supplier of Technical Schools, Vocational Schools, Military Academies, Colleges and Universities in more than 90 countries all over the world. Besides its products range, V.B. Srl is also able to supply items not included in the present catalogue; Customers are more than welcome to send their requests and inquiries VB staff will be happy to assist them.